How does GoAnywhere MFT meet your business requirements?

GoAnywhere MFT can be tailored to meet your exact file transfer automation, security, visibility and integration requirements.
But the modular structure makes it difficult to identify what you really need. Or the most cost-effective customisation.

Requirements might include:


·         Automating system-to-system transfers to reduce human error and save time.

·         Exchanging personal or sensitive data between partners or customers.

·         Capturing data via online forms.

·         Secure ad hoc file sharing between employees.

·         Granular visibility of your data flows.

·         Integrating with cloud-based applications.

Answer the questions and we will recommend a solution design to meet your needs

This form will help you scope your requirements and provide a quick and easy quote. The questions are designed to find out exactly what your business requirements are and why. Then our GoAnywhere MFT experts will use the information to identify the best and most cost effective combination of modules for you.

Alternatively, we provide a free vendor-independent managed file transfer comparison service. This is designed by Pro2col experts who have been specialising in managed file transfer since 2004. It will help you identify the right solution for your requirements.