Secure emails and file attachments with Secure Mail

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It is very common for staff to share sensitive files via email, risking your organisation’s security and compliance. Or they need to share files which are too big to attach, so they resort to consumer-grade applications like Dropbox or WeTransfer.

GoAnywhere MFT provides a Secure Mail module, which addresses these challenges. It is a great way for businesses of any size to control and manage sensitive and valuable data exchanges via email to remote or third parties.

In a typical email setup, the servers do not encrypt the email attachment. The GoAnywhere Secure Mail solution allows email attachments to be encrypted and securely transferred. This feature can be accessed either via the Microsoft Outlook plugin or the GoAnywhere HTTPS web interface.


Microsoft Outlook plugin

When sending emails using the Outlook plugin, the attached file is not attached to the email itself. It is sent encrypted to the GoAnywhere MFT server and encrypted at rest on the storage. An encoded URL, which can also be password protected, is then embedded into the email body. The recipient can link directly to the stored file or files hosted on and controlled by the GoAnywhere MFT server.


GoAnywhere HTTPS client interface

The GoAnywhere HTTPS client interface provides an alternative method to send secure email attachments. The web portal provides a familiar and intuitive interface for users to control and manage this process. Recipients are also able to reply securely to the sender, which is ideal for scenarios when a recipient needs to return a completed document to the sender.

The administration interface allows IT or delegated administrators to manage aspects of the Outlook plugin and secure mail features, giving them control over the size of files attached and enforced settings, including:

  • Security controls and protection levels for URL protection: Address rules allow you to lock down the email domains that you can send to or receive from. This level of control works great for businesses with known trading partners and needing that additional level of security.
  • Password and certificate delivery
  • Setting the protection level
  • Package expiration range
  • Maximum downloads of secure mail package
  • ‘Allow reply’ option
  • Specific Outlook plugin settings allow you to control if all files get sent via Secure Mail or just files larger than a set size.

There are a number of advanced reports, allowing for central monitoring and auditing of Secure Mail activities.

When combined with the Advance Workflow module, Secure Mail packages can also be sent and automated from a workflow project. This allow for automation and integration with a number of other elements that includes databases, file lists and cloud based or local storage.

These are just some of the reasons why the Secure Mail module is a great way for business of any size to control and manage sensitive and valuable data exchanges via email to remote or third parties. If you like to find out more, request a demo or trial.



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