GoAnywhere's New Release 7.2.0 Is Here

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A new release from one of our products gives us chance to get our hands dirty, testing out new features and functionality baked into the latest version of our favourite MFT products. Fortra’s latest release of GoAnywhere is no exception.

Fortra has released version 7.2.0 of GoAnywhere, replacing 7.1.3 and signalling a major new release. This version comes with new features, enhancements, component updates, and fixes to their flagship MFT product providing automated workflows, secure file transfer, and collaborative working amongst many other fantastic uses.

We see that Fortra are focusing on making their product more secure, reliable, and stable than its predecessors improving usability and performance.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the new features and capabilities available to customers who have an active maintenance and support contract. 

Agent Key Rotation

For many of our customers, GoAnywhere agents play a big part in their file transfer workflows. The ability to rotate the agent authentication key results in less time spent by staff manually updating the keys, and avoids authentication failures upon expiration of a key.

Global File Buffer Size 

When transferring files, data is initially sent to a file buffer. Once this buffer becomes full, the data is output to the destination and the buffer cleared. This buffer is then utilised again to continue the file transfer. In the case of large files, this can degrade performance as it runs through the cycle of filling the buffer, emptying the buffer, and then refilling it. GoAnywhere 7.2.0 now comes with the option to increase this global file buffer size. This is particularly useful when transferring large files, as it will improve the performance of the data transfer. Be sure to also increase the Java memory allocation when utilising this too, as this will ensure the stability of GoAnywhere is maintained.

Other Additions 

As with all releases, there are a number of updates and additions which are not covered in the full text of the blog. These updates include: 

  • Enhanced the Admin Client to work with the Gateway HTTP/SOCKS proxy.
  • Enhanced the importation of certificates within the Key Management System to ensure users are notified when an error occurs.
  • Increased the number of characters allowed for a project name from 50 to 200.

Component Updates

Many components of GoAnywhere have been updated. This list is not exhaustive but has picked out a couple of key updates to components used by GoAnywhere.

  • Tomcat updated from 9.0.68 to 9.0.73
  • AWS SDK updated from 1.12.272 to 1.12.405
  • Updated the PostgreSQL JDBC driver library from 42.4.2 to version 42.4.3

To read the full release notes for GoAnywhere, please visit here

If you are interested in GoAnywhere 7.2.0 and are a customer with an active maintenance and support contract, you are able to upgrade your GoAnywhere instance for free by downloading the latest copy of the software from the support portal.

If you do not have an active maintenance and support contact, or you would like assistance in completing this upgrade, please contact our Sales Team to book time with our technical experts.

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