GoAnywhere MFT: Why opt for HA in the cloud?

Given the cost of failure, high availability (HA) is essential in today’s business environment. This post explains the benefits of GoAnywhere HA in the cloud.

Has your GoAnywhere MFT grown from simply supporting tactical operations, to underpinning critical business processes? That means more transfers and a greater load on your server.

System performance is impacted by high volumes of folders/files and spikes in traffic at busy times. But if GoAnywhere MFT went down, would your business grind to a halt?

Given the cost of failure, high availability (HA) is essential in today’s business environment.

The ‘active-active’ configuration, meaning multiple servers operating simultaneously, allows files to be transferred across more than one server. This load balancing eliminates down-time and keeps business processes running at busy times.

We are seeing increased demand for HA in the cloud in AWS, Azure and other cloud environments. There are several benefits to this set up:




Your GoAnywhere MFT event rules can work on both servers – if a large file arriving on one GoAnywhere instance has a negative performance impact, rules (and logins) can continue to work on the alternate server.

There are various options for load balancing. Traffic can be directed according to rules you set on the load balancing device. As an example, you could select from one of the following:

Round robin – Connections are directed to each server alternately;
Least busy – Connections go to the server with the least number of active connections;
Weighted – One of the previous solutions, but without an ‘even’ spread (for example, one server receives 75% of traffic);
Dedicated purpose – All traffic for a specific purpose or protocol is directed to one node.




Businesses are eager to reap the benefits of a cloud-based or hybrid infrastructure, such as increased speed of response and agility. Opting to host HA for your GoAnywhere MFT server in the cloud is an important step in your organisation’s cloud strategy without interrupting your current infrastructure.




Many businesses have a hybrid infrastructure, combining on-premise and cloud-based applications. Set up a cloud-based GoAnywhere MFT Server to support the cloud applications and keep your on-premise GoAnywhere MFT solution only for on-premise exchanges. This more efficient solution design will reduce traffic. You will save money too by reducing the costs associated with moving data in or out of AWS, Azure or other cloud-based environment.




Spreading your infrastructure across geographically dispersed sites – known as geo clustering – is important for business continuity. If your on-premise solution went down, your data would be routed through your cloud-based GoAnywhere MFT, allowing business operations to continue uninterrupted.


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