Secure Forms: Go green, go paperless, GoAnywhere

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As an increasing number of organisations embark on their digital transformation, one thing is clear: Ditching paper-based data gathering is a good thing.

Whether you are a business, service, local or national government or any other type of organisation, this will benefit the environment, increase security and improve business efficiency.

In fact, efficiency, accessibility and security should be the driving forces behind any digital transformation and this technical tip looks at how Secure Forms can help meet those aims.

It is a module for the GoAnywhere MFT platform and – using the de facto protocol for secure internet sites, HTTPS – Secure Forms allows you to create web-based forms. This can be used in all types of data collection with text boxes, options, check boxes, drop-down selection fields, hidden fields and default values.

For digital file collections such as documents, scanned images and personally identifiable information, a secure file upload option can be embedded into the forms with a Drag & Drop feature for ease of use.

Further management allows you to identify the types of files and sizes that can be uploaded with all files being secured by AES-256 bit encryption on upload and when stored on the GoAnywhere MFT server.

Secure Forms are hosted on the GoAnywhere MFT server so end-users can access these directly. But – if required – these forms can be embedded into an external website using iFrames. No matter if these sites are hosted by yourself or a third party, access management control handled by the GoAnywhere admin interface will secure which sites can host the forms.

Secure Forms automated workflows

So, what happens when you have the required information and files? This is where many other form-based solutions leave you hanging. GoAnywhere MFT provides a complete end-to-end solution allowing you to process the data with automated tasks, monitoring and workflows. Internal employee data can be automatically moved to the HR department, external customer information integrated into a CRM, and processes by sales and trading partner data can be directed to accounts admin.
Find out more about the complex automation capabilities of Secure Forms in this video, which uses the example of a motor insurance claim.


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