How are you designing workflow projects in GoAnywhere MFT?

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Are you unsure if you need the Advanced Workflows module? Or are you able to design the workflows you need? This technical top tip and video provide a good guide.

Workflows are projects you can create in GoAnywhere MFT to define your file transfers and improve your business processes. Each project is able to contain multiple tasks that execute in a seamless end-to-end workflow.


Without Advanced Workflows

Designing workflows yourself require time to set up and a specific technical skill set. Let’s take an example of a common workflow: Extracting data, building a report and transforming it into a .csv file.

The developer would need to complete the following process:

  • Build the SQL to extract the data.
  • Write, test and debug a program to build the report.
  • After the report is built, you find and use a tool to transform that data into the .csv file.
  • It is important to maintain the connectivity between the program that generates the data and the translation into a .csv file, otherwise the process won’t complete successfully.

If you don’t need to build too many workflows, this will probably suffice for your organisation. It’s a good idea to monitor how much time you or your developers are spending manually designing workflows. The advantage of GoAnywhere is that it’s scalable, so if your requirements grow you should consider investing in the Advanced Workflows module.

GoAnywhere Advanced Workflows module

The Advanced Workflow module’s browser-based interface has intuitive wizards and templates, which will undoubtedly make the network administrator’s life easier. Users do not need special programming or technical skills.

In our example to extract data, build a report and transform it into a .csv file, the process is contained in a single workflow. No programming or outside tools are needed. Easy to configure connection templates remove the client connectivity issues. If there’s a problem, the entire job, from file creation to the transfer itself, is audited, so you can troubleshoot it with ease.

In this video tutorial you will learn the basics on how to design workflow products in GoAnywhere MFT with the Advanced Workflow module.


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